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KACIL provides a powerful framework for member Centers to excel in advocacy and services, ensuring that all Kansans with disabilities have opportunities for independent living and enjoy their civil and human rights.
Image is a linear collage of color photos containing people with a variety of disabilities and of different ages and races. All of the people are in their own unique environment and engaged in different activities. One is a female working on a computer with an accessible keyboard.  Others show people and couples outside using walkers and wheelchairs. One image contains two women bent down in the grass and petting a dog and one is of a young adult male in a library sitting in his wheelchair with headphones draped around his neck.

Welcome to the Kansas Association of Centers for Independent Living

The Kansas Association of Centers for Independent Living (KACIL), is a member organization comprising eight (8) Centers for Independent Living (CILs) spanning the state.   Our members cover diverse regions from metropolitan to frontier rural maintaining a commitment to promote the Independent Living Philosophy and provide the core Independent Living Services upon which our grassroots organizations are founded.

Our member Centers provide services to people with all types of disabilities of all ages and all income levels through grant funded and fee for service programs.  Centers are consumer controlled, private nonprofit agencies promoting the Independent Living Philosophy of equal opportunity and self-determination for individuals with disabilities.  Centers for Independent Living provide education and assistance to businesses and all other entities in the community to increase access for people with disabilities.

To read more about the KACIL organization, visit our About Us page.

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